The BRZ’s in Calgary make up the wonderful streetscape shopping, dining and working we have all come to love. 
Strolling down 17th avenue on a sunny day or meeting friends for a coffee in Kensington or people watching on a bench on 4th Street are all activities the BRZ’s in Calgary provide and hope you come to enjoy. There are ten BRZs in Calgary: Bowness, Calgary Downtown Association, Fourth Street, Inglewood, International Avenue, Kensington, Marda Loop, Uptown 17, Victoria Park and newly formed Montgomery - now known as CBIZ (Calgary’s Business Revitalization Zones).  These areas make up the cultural landscape of our city and add to the diversity which has landed Calgary world wide recognition. 

Calgary’s Business Revitalization Zones (BRZs) goal is to represent their member businesses by promoting and enhancing their respective business districts. BRZ’s in Calgary have added millions of dollars in infrastructure to their perspective areas in lighting, sidewalk enhancements, street furniture and vegetation.  Together CBIZ is promoteing the use of our areas as well as show the economic and cultural benefit we have to offer.
Calgary’s BRZ businesses contribute $59 Million in annual business taxes, and account for over $661 Million in assessed value. With 5400 businesses represented; BRZs represent about 20% of all Calgary businesses. 

Calgary’s BRZ businesses contribute $59 Million in annual business taxes, and account for over $661 Million in assessed value. With 5400 businesses represented; BRZs represent about 20% of all Calgary businesses. Specific issues of importance among the individual BRZ areas differ, but all BRZs share the desire to enhance vibrancy, public appeal, public safety and marketability in their respective areas. BRZs make a significant contribution to Calgary’s economic wellbeing, not only to help attract new businesses to the city, but also to improve the quality of life for those already doing business in the zones.  In shaping a more favourable business environment, BRZs consequently attract customers and clients who wish to shop, dine, live and play in a unique, vibrant business district.

Calgary’s BRZs are the “economic incubators” of business in this city.  They provide perfect starting places for businesses to develop and grow. BRZs work to provide an environment that fosters the growth of small business by creating a magnet for clients and customers who appreciate a characteristic environment.  

Contributing significantly to Calgary’s shopping and dining experience, BRZs offer an array of distinct shops, food stores, restaurants and coffee shops. BRZs also invest in public art and sponsor some of Calgary's most popular festivals and events: Sun & Salsa, Lilac Festival, Chalkwalk, Sunfest Mainstreet Festival, and the NEW Big Taste.

With significant efforts in the areas of public safety and crime prevention, BRZs also play a lead role in area revitalization and work effectively with their community associations to further their goals. Calgary’s BRZs have created our city's best known and most loved neighbourhoods. By creating these distinctive business neighbourhoods, BRZs not only provide the quality of life in Calgary to attract businesses from other municipal centers, but also help to demonstrate Calgary’s unique and dynamic culture.

Calgary's 10 BRZs

The City of Calgary, in partnership with the Calgary's Business Revitalization Zones, wants to hear from rate paying businesses in regards to what services are being delivered, how you value those services and what could be done to increase value to your business. We are also very interested in how BRZ’s and the City of Calgary can work together to make our city more vibrant and engaging.

Please take a few moments to complete this questionnaire, which should not take longer than 15 minutes. Responses provided will be analyzed in aggregate with other responses from BRZ ratepayers and provided to each BRZ Executive Director. The survey will remain available until 4:00 PM, September 12, 2014.

The personal information collected herein is authorized under Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act and is collected for the purpose of improving the service provided by your BRZ. If you have any questions about the use of the information on this form, please contact Kristen Brown with The City of Calgary Corporate Research Team at 403-268-8104.